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Conventional sunscreens cause irreversible damage to ocean life. Be a part of the solution by choosing an ocean-friendly alternative. SEASCREEN is a CANSA-accredited SPF 50 suncream that offers UVA & UVB absorbent protection, preventing premature skin ageing while minimising our environmental footprint. A proudly South


Loaf&Fish was a Christian brand identity created but never fully utilised. I cook in large scale, often Vegan/Whole Food Plant Base. A bit counter the Fish part but I see it as more symbolic of Jesus multiplying the little we have if we do it


In many a household, Hot Water Bottles are a South African winter staple and Grumpybear was started to locally produce bottle covers, made with African inspired materials and patterns. Grumpybear has a bit of a foot fetish and he wants to keep your feet warm.